Yamaha SR 250

Lynx is basing on super reliable and simple Yamaha Sr250. This particular one is from police forces, thanks to that it is a stronger engine version and it was in perfect condition. With this one we wanted to go in classic cafe racer style but something diferent than usual. We got rid of a lot of weight, removing all the panels, trims and covers. The frame was shorten and cloased in a loop so that it can take a new custom seat with a highest quality natural leather. Frame and all her components got black two layer powder coat. Fender and tank got a pearl black paint. The VG logo on the tank is in original color code from that model that is matching the color of the guages which were left as originals. That happend for the firs time in our projects but the condition and look of the original guages makes them fit perfect. Grips are from Biltwell and headlight is a classic Bates 5 3/4. Indicators and taillight are tinted led’s. Engine apart from change of the oil and filters didn’t require any more work due to its low mileage. Komplet new final drive with sprockets and chain. Braking system has replaced fluid and new stainless steel hoses. We’ve polished some of the engine covers and painted the rest with heat resistant paint. We got rid of the airbox and innstalled a podfilters due to that we had the carburettor rejeted. A final touch on the mechanical side is a straight trough exhaust that will suprise you what this little twofifty does. To keep the straight lines and proportions we had changed the front rim and spokes to get 18 inches instead of original 17. The tyre choice was pretty obviouse because ther is nothing more classic than cafe racer styled ones as the Firestone De Luxe special in 4.0/18 at the front and 4.5/18 at the back. That plus lowered suspension gives us a look of classic cafe racer in a unique Ventus Style.

motorcycle 1982, Yamaha SR 250
power 17 HP
engine Single, 239cm3