Yamaha SR 500

When it comes to donor bikes available on the market there is nothing more classic like Yamaha SR. That big sinlge has been customised in every sinlge style. But it does not mean that everything is done and there is no point to take it on the hoist. It’s actually a good chalange to take for a make over to prove to yourself and others that you now what your doing. That’s why we name it Pride because we are proud of the result we achieved with that popular donor model. Much of the influence we had from Brat Style, that is why its been lowered by 4cm and got a set of Firestone Champion Deluxe tyres. The tyres were wraped up on spoked wheels with brand new genuinen spokes and powder coated rims. The frame after removing all the unnecessary fittings was closed up with a nice loop to fit our designed leather seat that was trimmed by our local master when it comes to sewing. The engine had a top end rebuild. Some off the covers where polished and the rest of the engine got a high temperature resistant paint. The tank is a bit of mixture in the styles between modern and classic design. It has a pearl black paint with a white pinstripes. The graphic tho is a name of the project. 

motorcycle 1979, Yamaha SR 500
power 34 HP
engine Single, 499cm3