Building process of that bike was a bit different because Ventus Garage was more here mentoring that actually spending labour hours on it. Bike owned and build by our mate Tomasz. One of those kind of people that loves bikes as much as we do and always hangsout around the workshop, happy to give a hand. His attention to details is just amazing and modification list goes along together with full restoration of that sweet R65. After stripping it down, frame was modified at the back closing it with a nice loop. Then it got powder coat together with all components. Engine went through a full inspection and service. Cilinders were machined and valves were replaced. Full service of the finall drive. To get the amazing boxer sound the reverse cone pipes were installed. Engine got a VHT paint that is high temperature resistant and has a unique structure. Tidy up of the electrical harness with new lights, indicators and battery which now lives in stainless steel custom made battery box. Custom made seat that is still fully funcional having a lock and opening on the side as the original did. Because Weedie feels the best in the nature it has a higher suspension for better clerance. Semi offroad tyres Hidenau K60 and whider handle bars gives you control that you wouldn’t expect from that bike. To get the bike stand out from the croud it usually comes to the paint choice. In that case the name Natural Wheedie says it all. Matt Green colour does the job perfectly with small accents like hand painted Ventus Garage logo on the thank and repainted BMW badge.

Natural Weedie in it`s natural enviroment. 

motorcycle 1985, BMW R65
power 48 HP
engine Twin boxer, 650cm3