Kawasaki KZ550

Names for our projects always mean something for us. It's eaither personall or like in that example symbolises a look of the bike. Have a look at him he is a pure scroundler. We wanted to have a bare even a bit rough look. After removing all unnecessary body parts we modified the frame to fit a very unique and different looking seat that was tailored by our local leather master. The engine after overall service got new set of sparks and NGK ignition coils. So that scroundler not onlly looked badass we got a set of custom made straight through pipes. Engine and components got a black matt paint that gives a nice contrast with a cleaned to rough steel tank. But to have it not that obviouse we gave it a clear coat with a extra grafic in the knnee pads shape. We lowered the suspension and installed a new set of rear shocks. With such a muscular lines we went for classic Firestone Deluxe Champions tyres in a decent sizes 4,5x19 at the front and 5x16 at the back. Doing all that to get a agresive look had to come together wit a agresive riding position which we accomplished with putting a clip-on handle bars. This Kawasaki started as a pretty boring straight four but now it is a scroundler that you do not want to mess with.

​ Foto shoot in old cemet factory


motorcycle 1986, Kawasaki KZ550
power 58 HP
engine inline four, 553 cm3