Kawasaki KZ 550 GT

Hater was build on special order placed by one of our customers that missed out on our previous project based on the Kawasaki KZ 550 'Scoundrel'. Inspired by unique style of Scoundrel he decided to make some changes so that Hater fits to his own preferences. Main change is colour of the motorcycle. Black is dominating giving agressive character but to make it more visible we added some gold accents. The most inspirations in the project are from cafe racer style, so clip-ons were obvious choice to keep the rider low on the handle bars and at the same time give the full control of the bike. Wrapping up the wheels with legendary Firestone tyres gives perfect finish of Hater in its elegant but agressive look. It is already a standard that projects build by Ventus Garage are striped down to the last bolt and everything that needs rebuilding or replaced is done in the first place. Frame and wheels are powder coated. Engine after a service was painted with high temperature structural paint.

From underground to the street.

motorcycle 1994, Kawasaki KZ 550 GT
power 50 HP
engine inline four, 553cm3