Suzuki GN400

Most of inspirations while building this bike were taken from Japanese custom scene, particularly from Brat Style. To have the motorcycle as light as it can be, we`ve got rid of all unnecessary elements. After “shaving” and closing back of the bike, frame and all its components were powder coated. To have a straight bike line, front suspension was lowered and additionally we made it stiffer. To have empty space in triangle under the seat we transferred the battery under the swing arm and modified rear mudguard to minimum. We were not too nice for the tank with burning it off and sanding the original paint on the beginning. But we had a reasons to do this and get a unique effect with a drab paint and gold pigment in it. On the end we have installed fuel gauge on it. Minimalistic effect is preserved on the handle bars by moving speedometer and ignition switch under the tank, to the left and right side. Rest of elements that has been changed:

– new fully mechanical Mikuni carburetor
– new small brake master cylinder plus stainless steal brake hose
– new wheel bearings
– new front end bearing
– new drive (chain + sprockets)

motorcycle 1984, Suzuki GN400
power 27 HP
engine Single, 396cm3