Kawasaki KZ 550 GT

We felt very honoured when one of the artistic directors contacted us on behalf of with a question to build them a cafe racer project that would be displayed in the newlly opend Onet Cafe. After discussing their expectations guys from Onet made the best decision ever, geaving us a free hand. We are very flexible crew and we will build pretty much anything you want but if you trust us and you will let us do what we are the best in, you will be amazed with the results. That’s how Dot1 came into life. Based on Kawasaki KZ550 GT cafe racer was stripped down for the build. Frame was modified to take the duck tail painted in matt black. When putted all together frame and components got a powder coat in matt black. Engine after a throught service have been painted with heat-resistant black paint. Suspension was modified the way to get more agressive look which was lowering the front and rising the back of the bike. Front light and tachometer was adapted from SR 500. As a perfect match to Onet new place the colours were sorted with connection of black and yellow. The graphic on the tank was designed by Bartosz Kozlowski, Onet artistic director.

Dot1 in Alma Tower.

Onet Café​.

motorcycle 1986, Kawasaki KZ 550 GT
power 58 HP
engine inline four, 553cm3