Yamaha XS400

When Classic Brownie was build Ventus Garage didnt exist yet. Actually it was because of Classic Brownie and Black Egg that we deciced to start all this. The project it self was designed and build under a massive influence of Brat Style and Vintage mods. Event though that it is now more cafer racer riding possition it is just because of  the set of low, wide bars. As it was our entry project to custom scene we wanted to show that Ventus Garage is all about the quality. Thats why the frame and all possible components got two layers of powder coat in matt black. Beforehand we striped the bike and modifyied the frame so that it ends in nice loop. The frame now required new seat that we’ve build with our local “leather guy”. No matter how hard you try it is the paint and thank that will make your bike be classic or modern project. In this case classic was done by amazing connection of black and brown colour with our Ventus Garage logo. The cherry on the cake was getting a old school styled tyres in high profile. With these requirements we got a set of Dunlop K75.

motorcycle 1979, Yamaha XS400
power 27
engine Twin, 400 cm3