Yamaha XS400

One of two projects that has been a reason to start Ventus Garage. Designed and build in full by our workshop. As it was our entry proejct into commercial custom scene we wanted to start with a proper quality  and attention to details. Our strongest believe is that the quality is most important when it comes to building projects. That’s why the bike was completly dismalted and frame with all components got powder coat. Engine got a through out service with a carby tune after installing pod filters and straight trough pipes. As its name “Black Egg “ suggest black is dominating colour in the project that’s why the tank is in matt black with a clear gloss Ventus logo on the sides. One of the most classic shape for Yamaha alluminium cast wheels from the 70-80 era got even more classic tyres: Firestone Deluxe Champion. 

motorcycle 1984, Yamaha XS400
power 27 HP
engine Twin, 395cm3