Lord - Suzuki GN400 od Ventus Garage

’84 Suzuki Gn 400 in Brat Style, may be described as small, light and just perfect for the city, that`s how we imagine this build.
Stay dirty minded and smart clothed

This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our company. During this time a lot has happened and we have undergone many changes.
Alma tower - za kulisami

Alma Tower is a headquarters for Onet.pl and a place where our Dot1
Nowe modyfikacje w Suzuki GN400

We have decided to upgrade our Suzuki in Australia. We have lowered front forks and relocated the battery under the swing arm,
Onet Café

Second part of photo gallery from Onet head office. On the upper photo Tomek from Ventus Garage shakes hands with Bartek - Onet artistic director, who initiated this action and he`s the author of logo on the tank.
DOT1 w Alma Tower

Onet.pl head office is the place to be for an unusual photo shoot.
Nieskazitelne piękno

V motor is ready to go back to its modyfied frame. But before that we decide to play with lights...
Za kulisami sesji Łajdaka

Have a look at backstage photos. Starring: Kawasaki KZ550 cafe racer and photograher Michał "Misiek" Adamczyk.
Big Al’s Annual Poker Run

As most of you noticed we decide to expand the range of selling Ventus Garage bikes. Our crew split into two locations last year.
Łajdak na secret spocie, gdzieś w Krakowie

We found this place accidentally.
Pierwsze testy naszego łobuza

Our new baby is almost done! Seat is all we have to do so we couldn't resist to take it for a spin. A minute to consider and there you go, a temporary seat is ready.
Postępy przy Łajdaku

Sunny days give us a lot of motivation to finish Scoundrel asap. At the moment we are working on electric system and exhaust.
The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2015, Kraków

27th of September and one sunny sunday noon, we’ve gathered in Cracow to be a part of magnificent event – The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.
Natural Weedie

Our newest project just droped to bikes section
Deus Ex Machina - polska delegacja!

We have our man in Sydney who went for some interesting visit recently. Look at brief report from his visit to House of Simple Pleasures from Deus Ex Machina. Maybe the photos aren't the best quality but honestly? Who cares!?
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