Dirty Gentelman Coach Jacket

In our daily work we are enjoying details the most. We pay attention to every, even the smallest things. We pay attention to every, even the smallest things. Therefore if you are totally maniac in this philosophy as we are, we will make a deal!
Z podziemia wprost na ulice

Unfortunately, we did not have much time to take our Kawasaki for a spin … Shortly after the last screw was done, his new owner enjoyed the first moments of riding on this unique machine.
Moto Guzzi w obiektywie Michała Korzewskiego

Early September morning, one of the oldest Cracow districts, good crew and positive vibes... this photo shoot just couldn't go wrong.
Za kulisami sesji Moto Guzzi

This time one of our custom bike was captured by talented photographer - Marcin Malicki.
Garage built

Winter in Europe is our favourite time to hide in garage and create new bikes. Have a look at this cool photo report by Paweł Guzik (Ventus Garage).
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2016, Kraków

On Sunday the 25th of September, thousands of men and women around the world dressed in their finest outfits...
Classic Moto Show

We had great opportunity to visit an extraordinary exhibition Classic Moto Show last weekend.

Long time friend and photographer Michał came by for a visit while we were doing some grinding works. Have a look at this cool photos. There are sparks, there is smoke and there is sweat from hard work.
Zagraniczna delegacja

Last visit of our Australian department was a good reason to finally collect (almost!) all in one place, talk and joke like in the good, old times...
Handcrafted for the dirty gentelman

For men who don't like to be bored! A new addition to our product collection, the Ventus Garage Dirty Gentleman Jacket. Great for both everyday use and during unplanned trips.
Camp vibes

Last week we have showed strictly road photos.
W trasie

We would bet that each of you has a favourite road. We have found our best road near Czorsztyn lake on the South of Poland.
Klimacik podczas sesji na dachu galerii Bronowice

We had a great time while taking photos of two beautiful Ventus Garage`s machines. Even though we spend more than 3 hours on the roof of Bronowice mall in Kraków, we never get bored.
Ride On: Retro Bike Show

We are doing our best to be a part of an Aussie Custom Culture. That’s way it was obvious to be a part of the II edition of the bigest motorcycle show on this side of the coast.
Ventus Garage Classic t-shirt

Opening a new online store and launching a new product was a good opportunity to take our bikes - Scoundrel and Lord for a little ride.
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