VG Lucky 13

Inspired by Charlies words we decided to take the bike for a spin.

Moments Of Sufficient Lucidity

Audio-video masterpiece by Chupacabra visualizes Suzuki GN400. Vibes are brought to you by Krakow`s streets, feel it by movie frames down under and watch it here. Rider - Paweł Szymarski.

Never ride faster than your angel can fly

To enjoy freedome, we took our `86 custom made Kawasaki KZ 550 to beautifull hills near Czorsztyn lake. Pure freedome is behind the corner, away from big city life…

Suzuki GN 400

Designing… building… and finally… riding – that`s a straight way to happiness. From our custom garage to National Park in Ojców. Main hero – 1984 Suzuki GN400.

First Ventus Garage Edit

Two friends connected with the same passion – that`s how it all started four years back. Long hours spend in garage and even longer nights spend on parts search and solving the problems. It wasn`t easy but the price is always worth that sacrifice –…