Incredible story!


A short story which happend to us a while ago. We were traveling through Dolny Śląsk (Poland) and in a small village we noticed two guys, who were standing on the side of the road next to old rusted motorcycle. When we took a closer look we found out that it wasn’t just an ordinary eastern European construction like: WSK, Jawa, Junak or even Sokół… On the tank were Triumph emblems!!! Not thinking too long, we asked “how much?” In response we’ve heard: Sorry boys but we’ve just bought that bike and it’s not for sale... After a quick chat, it appears that they bought it from the eldery man who had it for years in his back shed. When we had a proper look, we found out that this is 100% complete Triumph, 250cm3 from 1965!!! Now, can someone please tell us, how lucky you need to be to find such gem, in place like this!? Continuing our question, how is it possible that in such a small town in Poland, you can find a bike, which in its glory days was like a Ferrari among cars!